July 2005

 Dear Photonics Professionals,

In June

We added to our portfolio:

o         Coatings from DEEP-UV to FAR-IR from

o        AR/HR/PR/NBP Coatings for High power CO2, Excimer, ND:YAG Lasers


o        DPSS and Diode Lasers from 

o        473,532, 670, 1064 up till 800mW CW TEM00

o        VERY REASONABLE prices

o        Please respond to this e-mail with in the subject line “Send Price List DPSS”

Our existing suppliers announced:


–         A 3kX2.2k Pixel camera from

–         Comparison between 7 leading Tele-Centric Lens Manufacturers showed to offer

·         Best Resolution, Tele-centricity and Lowest Price

·         2nd Best Distortion, product range

–         Minimum order from filters of reduced by 50% or more.

–         Laser diodes with gratings for Superb wavelength stability at popular wavelengths such as 808nm from

–         Wide angle Beam splitters from

–         CaF2 and ZnSe blanks and optical elements from

Further News from IL Photonics

A new batch of Catalogs on Photomultiplier Tubes from arrived. Please respond to this e-mail with in the subject line “Send PMT Catalog” with your shipping address in the body of the text.

An updated product list has been attached for your reference.


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July 2, 2005 Newsletter
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