About Us

Our Vision

To understand the customer’s need and supplier’s capabilities, in order to help with supporting realistic solutions to make projects into success.

Our Customer Mission

  1. Promoting quality products and components

    We offer a variety of components and systems from a wide range of world-leading companies.

  2. Tailored solutions

    We will help finding the components you need and help integrate them into a product that will prove its value over the lifetime of your product.

  3. Professional assistance

    Our standard of service includes free of charge technical assistance from experts in the field.

Our Vendor Mission

  1. Knowledgeable and accountable

    Knowledgeable, accountable, transparent, and well organized Promotion of electro-optics components or systems in Israel.

  2. Tailored solutions

    With the sales and promotion of your products we also help to fit them best to our customer. For you as supplier this means the customer will take special benefit of it and will not easily replace it. Also it brings market feedback to you of what the customers want and need. In addition our experience in tailoring solutions will help to make development smooth and easy.

  3. Reach a broad audience

    We offer a unique marketing channel that has direct access to more than 5000 of the key decision-makers in Israel’s Advanced Industries. We inform these with a monthly newsletter on recent developments in the field and new products offered. We maintain an informative web-site www.ilphotonics.com  that usually updates several times a month, and has been viewed by more than 20,000 unique vistors.

  4. Professional assistance

    Quick, clear and accurate responses and quality filing one may expect from a true business partner. We trust that you will experience our motto to “meet and beat your expectations” to differentiate us in this challenging market.

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

Moshe Bril
General Manager
M.Sc. in Physics (Laser center VU University of Amsterdam), 23 years sales experience.
Harel Feldman
Software Specialist
Sr Software developer, Open Source project manager, Degree from Bar Ilan University 13 years at IL Photonics. Supporting: Hebrew and English.
Assaf Levanon
Laser Engineer
Post Doc. at Tel Aviv University working with ultrafast lasers and OPCPA. 1 year at IL Photonics. Supporting: Hebrew and English.
Berta Bril
Office Manager
B.A. in Social work from the Hebrew University.
Chanan Raber
Sales Engineer and Support
M.Sc. in Physics (VU University of Amsterdam), 0.5 year at IL Photonics. Supporting: Hebrew, English, Dutch and German.
Benzion Kossowsky
Software Specialist
B.Sc in Computer Science from JCT. 1 years at IL Photonics. Supporting: Hebrew and English.
Nachum Traub
Sales Engineer
B. Sc. in optical engineering from JCT.1 year at IL Photonics. Supporting Hebrew, English and Portuguese

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