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1.55um Isolator free space
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Photon counting imaging camera
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Invitation to the New Tech exhibition booth 71
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New Interferometer with automated report generation that are traceable as well
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Tunable Xe light source from 280-1100nm
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April 2004

Subject: IL Photonics – Apr 04 Newsletter Dear Photonics Professionals In March we added to our portfolio: – Solid State lasers and engraving systems covering 213-1064nm from, that offers Nd:YAG lasers up to the 5th harmonic and also tunable high power lasers. – Optical power monitor in the c-band from In March our … Continue reading

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March 2004

Dear Photonics Professionals In February we added to our portfolio: Injection Molded Optics from OEM Tunable Lasers from IR LED’s Photodiodes and Laserdiodes from LED Array’s and Assemblies from As well as inexpensive Laserdiode modules starting at $5!!!!! Purim Sameac… Continue reading

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February 2004

Dear Photonics Professionals   In January we closed agreements with 2 companies and are pleased to offer:   Fiberlasers up to 20W in the 1-1.1um and 1.5-1.6um region that have a very narrow banwidth (0.07nm) and high S/N (up to 60dB), and are available at a fixed wavelength or tunable, as well as EDFA’s from   Standard and … Continue reading

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